1. Let Your Location Inspire You

You can check the location of your office for inspiration. If your business focuses on the local area, then this is a great idea for you. For instance, you can paint a mural on your wall or use wall vinyls. The mural can incorporate local traditions and landmarks. It is even better to paint the mural in the reception area.

2. Differentiate the Staff and Client Areas

You can differentiate the staff and client areas in your office. For instance, you can add corporate messages and your company logo to your office walls using custom stencils. So, add them to the walls in the client areas.

However, you will use a different approach for your staff areas. Your staff does not need branding since they are already working for your company. However, they need comfortable working space. Providing a comfortable working space can increase the productivity of your employees.

3. Focus on Your Products or Services

You need to use designs that celebrate your products and services. If you make food or drink, you will need a huge dining area and communal kitchen. If you make games and toys, you will need a ‘playroom’. Your staff can use your ‘playroom’ test prototypes and discuss ideas. Having a ‘playroom’ for your staff can make them happier.

4. How Does Your Company Functions?

You need a presentable office. However, your office should support your work. If your employees must collaborate to complete their jobs, you may need large tables and an open-plan office. Your employees will work in the same room in your office. However, if your employees do not need any interruption or if they work with sensitive information, you can provide private rooms.

5. Do Not Show Off

You can try to be flashy in your office. Therefore, you can spend some money on glamorous style décor and modern appliances. They can help you tell your clients that you are professional and successful. However, they can negatively affect your image. This is because some shareholders and even clients can assume you waste money. If they think you will waste money, they might not want to do business with you.

5. Involve Your Employees

Your employees can help with furnishings and re-decoration. Therefore, ask your employees to help you with the design. In fact, they can help choose plants, put furniture together, and paint the walls. They can even help with creating an entertainment area in your office. If you let them help with the design, they are more likely to feel more comfortable in their workplace.


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