A man and a girl sit beside each other in a boat

I know a great deal

The man says relax and to set an example he relaxes

[This is a mood]

A man and a girl sit beside each other on a bus

They are pulsating with potential

I see them and wonder how to keep my plants alive

There is a rare genetic disorder that involves the inability to feel real fear

A man and a girl sit, discussing the best way to keep plants alive

Fear lives in the amygdala— which are the size and shape of almonds

A man and a girl sit They are crunching bones Their teeth are hacksaws

I have seen my ribs

I am right here in my body

My hands are so empty. Will they like them?

The man and a girl sit. Believing is key to success

I woke up right here

in my body

I am so busy trying to stand up with no heart and no hands

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amanda Dales is a teacher, writer, and actor based in Cambridgeshire, but born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was shortlisted twice for the York Poetry Prize. Her work has been previously published in  ‘Antiphon’ , ‘Poet and Geek’,  and ‘Fly on the Wall’. Amanda won the Aristine Mann Award for poetry written by an undergraduate (Emory University).


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