Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and ditzy as ever, Robin made her way through the swarming club, apologizing sweetly and laughing a little to herself each time she bumped into a different guy.

They always took her clumsy nature with great grace. It was a credit to each of them.

To Robin, each of them were a credit card or a set of keys.

As she entered the back office and sat down opposite John and Mary Little, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the guys’ combined stupidity as she emptied her pockets onto the huge desk before pulling off her wig and taking out her contact lenses. The left one always stuck.

“How was it today?” asked Mary.

“Too easy,” said Robin, “None of them recognized me at all.”

John smiled as he counted the money. “Serves them right then, doesn’t it?” he said, before releasing a deep, rolling belly laugh.

The charity benefactors would be well pleased again tonight.


Ellie Rose McKee is a writer from Northern Ireland. She has had poems published by Arlen House, Nine Muses Poetry, and Black Bough; has had short stories included in Women Aloud NI’s ‘North Star’ anthology, The Bramley, and Scarlet Leaf Review; and has been blogging for over ten years.


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