When we were younger,

I came to your blue room

a room that meant nothing besides

an offering of endless daylight for the parade

of shadows and solitude

I would always go to you my friend

when your heart had been

bludgeoned blue

I would always tell you

that nothing was lost

days form into night over again

in glass sheets of fine blue

moonlight fills the room with its

fleeting charm

your body is haunted and obscured

a different dreamland is calling you now

but how I can leave you when you are so broken?

everything turning blue in bedlam behind us

I am not apart from you for long

except for breath, except for everything little thing

you have become the ghost within the “me” of us

Fuck Cancer.

ABOUT THE AUHOR: Barbara Hughes is currently studying English and Creative Writing at Rollins College. Recently, she had poems published in the campus magazines Brushing and The Independent. She was honored with an award for National Poetry Month by the Academy of American Poets. She enjoys drinking strong coffee, finding her inner goddess in writing, hiking in nature, and most nights having conversations with the moon. 


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