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Golf is a sport that’s both entertaining and challenging, particularly if your swing speed is comparatively slower. And this is why choosing and using the top brand of golf clubs for ladies is of the utmost importance. Because what a forgiving club can do to compensate for your slower swing speed no other equipment in golf can.

Ask any slow swinger, be it male, female, or senior, and they’ll stand by what I just said. So it’s only natural for golf club manufacturing companies to seize the opportunity and craft some of the most technologically advanced yet easiest to hit clubs.

The tricky part, however, is finding a brand you can trust in terms of both value and performance. So what are these brands, especially for women? Before I get to that, here’s a quick rundown of what each golf club can do…

What Does A Golf Driver Do?

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It’s the largest of the lot, no doubt. The large clubhead of a driver with its shallow face angle and the long shaft has the power to shoot the golf ball longer and farther. Some holes on the golf course aren’t even that long for using a driver.

What Does A Golf Fairway Wood Do?

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The most common ones include 5-wood and 3-wood. The higher the number of the golf club, the greater the loft it can generate with the deeper face angle. Drivers are also often referred to as 1-woods.

As for what fairway woods do, they’re the most suitable when you’re around 175 yards to 200 yards from the green.

What Does A Golf Iron Do?

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In comparison to the loft of fairway woods, irons have a higher loft. And they’re the best for approaching the green. An iron features a flat clubface with grooves, which helps in producing backspin. This backspin, paired with that higher loft of the club, makes it possible for the golf ball to stop on the green.

There are 1 to 9 irons. The higher the number, the greater the loft. This means the more difficult it is to hit the iron, thus long irons are the most difficult to hit.

What Does A Golf Hybrid Do?

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A more recent invention, hybrids are a blend of iron and fairway wood. Many golfers replace long irons with hybrids since the latter is easier to strike. Comparatively speaking, hybrids have a higher loft with a smaller head and larger sweet spot.

What Does A Golf Wedge Do?

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These types of golf clubs are built with the shortest shaft and severest face angle. Hence, they offer a higher loft and lower distance.

There’s the sand wedge, pitching wedge, and lob wedge – all of them are equipped with a different loft and face angle to get out of sticky situations around the green.

What Does A Golf Putter Do?

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Putters are strictly used only on the green. The golf club has a flat face and no loft. And it’s the best for relatively low-speed and short strokes. The goal here is to roll the golf ball into the final hole from a short distance.

And, needless to say, there are different types of putters. Such as toe-balanced, blade, mallet, peripheral-weighted, and a few more.

So What Is the Top Brand of Golf Clubs for Ladies?

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When you come across any review article that lists the top golf clubs for women, there’s one brand that gets shortlisted at least 1-2 times. For example, the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players. In this post, Callaway makes an appearance as many as 3 times. And that says a lot about the brand.

Callaway has been a major player in the golf market since the 1980s. There’s no doubt that the brand spends a lot of money on comping up with innovations to make their golf clubs better.

In particular, Callaway STRATA, Solaire, and Rogue sets are the most popular among female golfers. And not just beginners and intermediates, pro-level women golfers also own and cherish Callaway golf clubs. Such as Michelle Wie, Emma Talley, Madeleine Sagstrom, among many others.


So each time you set about buying golf clubs to upgrade your performance on the turf, think of Callaway. Hands down, it’s the top brand of golf clubs for ladies.

Other than that, there’s Cobra, Wilson, Precise, TaylorMade, Titleist, and a few more. You can place your trust in them too.

But when it comes to crafting golf clubs specifically for female players, Callaway does it best. On top of that, it offers you options to choose from. And most women golfers know that the range of golf clubs for men is certainly more diverse than those for women. So brands like Callaway are constantly striving to bridge that gap.

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Megan Hane is the founder and content creator of the golfing blog, Golf Rough. She has spent a great many years on the actual turf trying to hone her skills and use the right equipment. The most common mistakes, most effective strategies, most mindful approach, and most useful equipment – these are the topics she targets and wants to encourage more and more in the game of golf.

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