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You need a new strategy to attract women to join your golf club. It’s now more than ever that scholarships for women golfers are being offered. Not only that, golf has become very popular as a social and outdoorsy sport for everyone. And that’s why you need women to join your golf club.

But can you attract women the same way you woo men golfers to join your golf club? This article talks about the various strategies you can apply to turn the gaze of women golfers for a change. They’re effective, incredibly simple, and popular. So don’t miss out on a single one.

Tips for Attracting Women to Join Your Golf Club

Host Golf Events

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Accessibility is one of the key factors here. How can women feel welcome in a club that has historically been popularly dominated by men? By hosting golf events and encouraging more women to participate in the sport, you can fix this.

Offer affordable or discounted membership fees to women attending these events. Create a friendlier atmosphere between the staff, trainers, and members.

Membership benefits, royalties, social clubs, and safe facilities. These are the things that you can advertise when hosting golf events to attract more women golfers.

Affordable Prices

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Affordable rentals include the cost of renting/purchasing golf clubs and other essential gear. And offering women shorter rounds including 9-hole and 6-hole options.

One of the top reasons why women don’t join golf is that it is seen as an ‘elitist’ club. With more affordable prices for rentals and membership fees, you can avoid losing clients.

You can target your audience based on their skill level. Making it easier for newcomers to buy or rent women’s golf clubs for beginners. Offer them the chance to play golf with the help of fast-track courses.

Reducing the prices for intermediate players. And opting for discounted rental services for women with summer-only memberships or in group classes.

Flexible play and friendly prices are important. If you can offer a variety of such benefits, it will be a whole lot easier to convince women to join your golf club.

Add Training Courses

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Golf requires practice and commitment. While for some women, putting in the time and effort to learn golf is easier. There are other women who have other responsibilities to tend to. And golf isn’t the kind of sport you can master playing at home first.

You can need to put in the hours on a golf course to get better. To make this less intimidating for non-golfers, especially women, start training courses. Establish focus groups so that more women can join and learn how to play golf together.

Socializing is a huge factor of consideration here. And women thrive in less intimidating and more female-friendlier environments. If women can learn and play golf with their family members and friends, they are more likely to join your club.

This gives women the confidence to participate in events, competitions, and tournaments.

Safer Courses

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Safety is a top priority. Women feel safer around women especially when playing outdoor games such as golf. Hiring women greenkeepers, regional trainers, and architects is a must. It accelerates general participation and improves your club’s standards.

Floodlit courses, emergency help desk, CCTV cameras, and better accessibility around the golf course, and childcare services. This is one way to add value to your golf club. And to attract more women to join your golf club.

Creating a safe space for women golfers would also enable non-golfers to play golf. It’s also a great way to attract more children to join your golf club and learn a new sport.

Final Thoughts

Ask yourself why women don’t play golf. And why more women should play golf. The things that usually stop a woman from joining your golf club are noticeable now more than ever. Flexible playing hours, fast-track learning, shorter courses, and better club facilities.

Golf is a social and competitive game. And women thrive in environments that they feel welcome in. By understanding the needs of female golfers, you can attract more women to join your golf club.

Hosting friendly participatory events, customer service, childcare, and ongoing training courses. These are the things that make women feel included and less intimidated. And these tips for attracting women to join your golf club will help you create a sustainable environment.

Author Bio

Carolyn Heller spends most of her time playing golf. She’s a proud club member with an impressive track record. Her expertise has helped many young members feel less intimidated by the game. Her golf advice puts golf on the map even for non-golfers. And her blog, Golf Depends, on the forefront for professional golf training.


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