Sorority Sisters and Brothers in East Lansing Michigan! 

We have savings to fix your cracked devices, whether you need a phone screen repair, a new battery, or a free diagnostic, we can help save you money today!

We are “You’re Broke” iPhone Repair, a customized program to be the savior of students. If you are looking for the best value in Ingham county, use Promo Code: FAMILY10 for 10% any device you need to repair.

We understand the life of college students, and saving money is important.

That is why we have our Low-Price Guarantee.

If you’d like to check out how our prices are lower than all competitors the link is here: https://elrepairit.com/pages/lowest-price-guarantee

Our loyal customers feel prideful about their participation within Greek Life.

Therefore, we felt it is important to provide a “forever” discount. This discount will last for the entirety of our business. *

We have an extensive website that allows for online ordering. When you place a sale on our website we call/email you to schedule an appointment. Our customized

The lowest price guarantee and use of the discount code: FAMILY10 provides an average of $20 off the average market cost of repairs.

Why wouldn’t you come to the repair shop with the best price, where you not only can compare prices, but get the lowest price guarantee.

Order online or come to our store which is located at this link: https://elrepairit.com/pages/about-us

Offering discounts anyone with identification to a sorority or fraternity. For all the Greek alphabet, from: α               alpha a  Β            β             beta b Γ γ               gamma g Δ         δ             delta d Ε               ε             epsilon e  Ζ         ζ               zêta z Η η             êta ê      Θ               θ             thêta th  Ι            ι               iota i  Κ κ             kappa k Λ            λ               lambda l Μ         μ             mu m Ν ν               nu n Ξ   ξ             xi ks  Ο  ο               omikron o  Π      π             pi p Ρ               ρ             rho r Σ   σ, ς sigma s  Τ    τ               tau t Υ   υ             upsilon u  Φ               φ            phi f Χ   χ             chi ch  Ψ               ψ            psi ps Ω ω            omega ô


Do you live outside of Michigan but love our prices?

We can provide a mail in shipping order to anywhere in the United States. Our shipping is ultra-fast and we can schedule this for you over the phone at 810-447-0660 or give us an email at ELRepairit@gmail.com

See our reviews at: g.page/elrepairit

*this discount is limited to one use per customer. Deemed as Revocable


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