The millennial woman is passionate, hard-working, and optimistic. We understand what we want, however, we don’t necessarily know how to get it. At times, we lack the self-confidence we need and fail to believe in ourselves. If you are ready to advance to the next level, the following are 7 career tips collated purposely for you and the other 30 million millennial women that work all through the week.


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  1. Preparing mentally is crucial to your success whether at home, in the gym or in the office. Prepare for success by defining your daily and weekly targets and making an effort to plan out your future. If you are looking to achieve great things, it is important to first set smaller targets to help get you where you want.


  1. Manage your time. To start with, you need to learn how to prioritize. Next, come up with a list of daily tasks and allocate time to each. Remember to factor in weekly meetings and time spent carrying out office duties. Then, steer clear of time suckers. Establish limits, and postpone such activities until you’ve completed the more important tasks.


  1. Read your way to success. Many employers believe that a vast majority of millennials aren’t able to take criticism and have a problem exercising patience towards longstanding workplace practices. By reading the classics, you will be able to master these soft skills. Some excellent books include “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,” “The First Four Minutes,” and “The One Minute Manager.”


  1. Defend yourself. According to research, compared to their peer male counterparts, millennial ladies are 15% less likely to request a raise. We are also reluctant to discuss promotions with superiors. In case you are amongst the 41% who believe that they are undervalued and underpaid, now you know who’s fault this is so.


  1. Go for what you want. Many people in our age group often plan to have less than 5 long-term jobs, however, nearly two-thirds take on new positions every three years. Companies desire for us to be comfortable, and this doesn’t require much. According to a study conducted by Edelman Berland, work-life balance is what matters the most. You are more likely to stay at the company and be happy when your boss gives you time to flex, more vacation and additional perks.


  1. Understand your limits. Trump your obstacles. The main thing that is inhibiting millennial women from progressing is their inability to balance their professional and personal goals including parenting. Almost 20% of women state that they lack the confidence required to advance. 10% of women professionals indicated that inadequate education and the lack of mentors are their main career obstacles.


  1. Don’t succumb to pressure. Even though it is good to know that millennial women are more likely to be promoted as they are more hardworking, are more organized and give more attention to preparation, these things do not hold much value. All things considered, a well balanced and rewarding career is far more beneficial than a job that has a higher pay that may eventually make your life miserable. Be confident in what you are at the moment, and always be willing to learn and grow.



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