3 Best Low Maintenance Plants For The Office

With how much modern media has led us to believe that working non-stop is the norm these days, it’s no longer a surprise to find people spending more time at the office than at work. So it’s only natural that most of us would like to personalize our work spaces to our liking. The problem is that when we bring too much personal property into the office to make it feel more like home, we run the risk of becoming the subject of gossip… even if it’s just plain fun without malice intended by colleagues.

One of the best ways make your office or cubicle feel less dull and lifeless is to add plants into the space. They can be placed on the desk, on top of cabinets, or even at the window bay (if you are lucky enough have one. Here are some of the best low maintenance small plants you can nurture in the office with little worry of them wilting prematurely.


1) Golden pothos

For such a luxuriously looking plant, it can surprise many to learn that the golden pothos require minimal effort to maintain. In fact, it might even thrive with little care. It doesn’t demand attention like most flowering plants do, it is more than capable of holding it’s own against all types of climate, and can survive very well with just artificial lighting. Placing one of these plants on top of a low-height cabinet can totally transcend the visual appearance of the whole work space.\par

And if you are into metaphysics, the pothos is recognized as one of the primary money plants according to the Chinese. A little extra luck in career advancement can come in handy for anyone.



2) Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been a godsend in terms of personal grooming products such as skincare, shampoos and bathing gel. They are like the epitome of alternative health products. But while the focus of aloe vera is in the natural gel they produce, the plant itself is a very sturdy and stubborn plant that just will not die.

They come in various sizes. Which means that you can very well pick and choose the most appropriate size that would blend right into your work space. And just like the golden pothos, they have a reputation of cleansing the air which can do any stuffy office a lot of good. Placing one tiny aloe plant beside the monitor screen where it would constantly be in your view can make working those extra hours a little more bearable as you type away at the computer.



3) Cactus

The cactus probably needs no introduction as an office plant as it is one of the favorites of many. They look cute, require minimal maintenance, and those spikes give them an attitude to boost. The great thing about cacti is that there are countless varieties of them and you’d be able to find one in a fancy shape that appeals to you.

The best part is that all of them shares the same low-light low-maintenance attributes. But do note that they tend to do better with a little sunlight. This makes them ideal for window areas at the office. Finally, remember that plants are living things and can meet its end just like all life. So, don’t feel bad about it should it happen to your office plants. You can then replace them with new ones.


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