A Career in the Petrol Sector


If you are a fresh graduate, the petroleum industry is a great place to hatch your career.


Considering that a great number of senior oil and gas professionals are looking to retire and leave the workforce, there is an increasing demand for new employees in Canada’s oil and gas sector to take over.


The oil and gas industry is not only rewarding but it also has great potential for growth and there is always a demand for new talent. Take a look at this blog from Primat.


But advancing can be an uphill task and aggressive.


Even though there isn’t a fool-proof recipe for success at the moment, we have provided a few tips that will most definitely provide you long-term success in the course of your oil and gas career.


1) Make Connections (as appropriate)


One common mistake that young and determined professionals make is putting in a lot of effort to impress the corporate big shots and senior-level management.


Even though you should aim to please your boss and superiors, you have to keep in mind your position.


Junior-level staff tend to underestimate the importance of building relationships with the support-staff and operators in the field. These are the individuals that you work with.


Being courteous to everyone and treating them equally isn’t just a tip to a healthy and happy life, but it is also an essential tool for advancing your career. You need to make connections that fit your role organically in order to establish a professional network and reputation in your field.


By solely focusing on personal gain, you will be an ineffective team member – and this problem spreads fast.


2) Understand fieldwork


Regardless of if you are a junior engineer or on the side of corporate, getting on the ground and in the field is the most essential experience in your success.


One area in the industry that is most prone to dispute is between those that work close to the field and those on the ground.


When you take the time to understand what happens on the ground, it not only greatly benefits the tasks that you accomplish collectively but it is also indispensable to your personal development. Stepping back from the drawing board and witnessing for yourself how operations translate in practices provides you an amazing advantage.


You will be perceived and become more competent. You will also earn respect and create a favorable relationship with your team. In addition, you will get a better perspective of how the industry functions from the most junior level to the senior levels.


  1. Find a mentor


One of the key elements of success in any field is mentorship. It accelerates the progress of your career in a number of ways.


A good mentor in the field of petroleum provides you real-world training and experience that complements your knowledge base.


Competence helps to build confidence. You achieve this when you have a personal mentor that provides you with the best in the technical knowledge that results in success.


A solid and equally crucial reason to find a mentor in oil and gas is a  reference. When you develop an effective professional mentor-mentee relationship you get access to plenty of opportunities for the future. Considering that the industry greatly focuses on a good track record in the field, a reference is essentially your key to establishing a foundation for an impressive career in oil and gas.



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