The most common problem of almost all mothers, and especially of single parents, is the combination of work and raising their children at home. On the one hand the child is very small, so the maternal presence is necessary and on the other hand, finding a job nowadays is difficult.

However, the example of Fanny, a single mom of an 8 year old girl today, who started her own business by doing baby-sitting and currently is the most sought-after babysitter in her region, shows us that, it is possible to earn some money without leaving your house.

For starters, it is good to recognize your skills and hobbies so that you can see which one can bring you some money. Below are some ideas that will increase your income… without leaving the comfort of your home!

Tele-Secretarial Services

More and more entrepreneurs are trying to find secretarial support at the lowest possible cost and outsource some of their tasks. All you have to do is answer phone calls and keep the appointments of businessmen, send email or reply on their behalf. You don’t need capital to start doing this job – as long as you have a computer, Internet connection and a phone.

All you have to do is reach out to companies asking for staff, send them your CV and explain your services. Linkedin – the biggest social network for businesses – is a great place to start.

Wedding/Christening gifts

Most Brides-to-be always lack two things: money and time. If you are artistic and you have the skills, you can enter the business of wedding/christening gifts from the comfort of your home. By charging less than companies you can enter the market very easily.

Things will not be that easy thought.

If your skills reach only to wrapping vales on sugar-coated candies and placing them in boxes, you don’t have much of a future. You must enlist your imagination so that you have a wide variety of designs and colours by using very economical materials such as ribbons, decorations, cans, etc.

There are many stores that sell cheap material and target gift making professionals or/and amateurs. Facebook, Pinterest and local marketing will help you spread your work and get a clientele.

Offer Tailor Services

After the economic crisis, many people turn to traditional professions of the tailor or the shoemaker to fix their clothes and shoes and save money from buying new ones. Tailoring is a creative and interesting art with which, in addition to clothes, you can do and many other things like handbags, curtains, etc.

In case you have experience in tailoring and you have plenty of imagination, you will become sought after. All you need is a small investment on getting a sewing Machine (you can find brand new sewing machines for $150.

Also, when you become a veteran or if you are already, you can make special sewing lessons for other stay-at-home-moms who are interested in following your steps.  Finally, you can create your own line of small wearables like panties, socks, and scarfs and start selling them through Etsy, Ebay and other popular marketplaces. Pinterest will be your marketing channel as 70% of its users are women.

If you are looking for more ways to make money from home, you should visit ClixsenseSuccess.com. It is a website that lists 60+ ideas on making money online from the comfort of your home. I suggest you give a look.


About The Author

This article is written by Pavlos Giorkas – a veteran blogger from Greece. He likes to blog about marketing, small businesses, WordPress and Making Money Online (in Greek) on pavlosgiorkas.com


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