Do you immediately hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off first thing Monday morning? You’re not alone. A lot of workers are not motivated thanks to both inflation and spending cuts.


Job seekers are struggling to get motivated too. Don’t worry because we are going to provide you with a few tips. These tips will help you remain motivated when looking for work.


  1. Be Realistic

Feeling like a failure is a quick way to get demotivated. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or you need a job right now due to your current one not cutting it, you need to be realistic. Being realistic about your search makes things a lot easier.


What type of salary are you hoping to land and how many jobs are in your industry and your area? These are all things that can help you determine how many applications you’ll need to lodge, as well as interviews you’ll have to take part in. The more realistic you are, the better off you’ll be. Take a look at these cv writing guidelines to get you off to a flying start.


  1. Reward Yourself

Did you land an interview or sent off a few resumes? If so, this calls for a celebration, but if you’re short on money, then do something cheap and cheerful. This includes going for a short walk or taking yourself out for a coffee. Just do something for yourself because those things are a big deal.


  1. Keep Everything In Perspective

Bad headlines can get you down, but remember that the media thrives off of bad news because that’s what sells. There is a lot of great news out there for job seekers, so keep things in perspective. For example, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity out there for green jobs, temp jobs and even contract jobs to name a few.


  1. Have Fun

You don’t want to end up being lonely or wearing yourself down. You want to put a lot of effort into job hunting, but you also want to enjoy your life by having a bit of fun. You can do this by going out with friends and family, which beats sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end. Trust us when we say your energy gets zapped very quickly when you do that.


  1. Be Positive

Too many people think negative thoughts and have a negative attitude when it comes to looking for work because they end up thinking it’s a waste of time. Nothing will demotivate you faster than thinking negative about your job prospects, so make sure you erase negative thoughts that get into your head. You will experience knock-back, and that’s fine.


You’ll even experience a few knocks during interviews. Do not let any of that bother you. Eventually you will get ahead, but it all starts with being positive and immediately getting rid of negative thoughts that just slow down productivity and destroy motivation. With that said, keep all of the above tips in mind and we wish you luck with your job search.



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