Do you want to win more business? These tips will help your business do just that.


  1. Solve Actual Problems


One of the main reasons why customers leave a particular business or service is the lack of solving a certain actual problem. As an entrepreneur, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have the next big thing, but in reality, you do not. That is because you may be trying to solve a problem that non-of your customers have.


Experts at IDEX say that a wise entrepreneur will prevent this problem by trying to look for problems that others (competitors) are not offering, but it is an actual problem. In most cases, it begins by solving one’s issues and looking for feedback. If a particular technique does not work, be flexible enough to move on.


In other words, always try to identify new features to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, we are living in an evolving world, where new problems emerge every day. Be flexible enough to change those problems.


  1. Determine Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)


Every business has something that makes it unique. For this reason, to be successful in business, understand what makes you unique. Only through this technique, you will be able to come up with a marketing campaign for your targeted audience. To determine your USP, you need a quick and customizable way of looking at analytics. Through this technique, you will get to:


  • Understand your market (customers/audience) – You will get to identify your potential customers and the reasons they choose you over your competition


  • Improve your USP – This will help you to create stronger campaigns that will place you ahead of the competition. For example, in our business, our goal is to build website software that gathers helpful information regarding their website performance and campaign response.


  1. Come-up with A Great Onboard Process


Our experience has proven that new customers respond very well to a great onboard process when they sign-up for one of our products or services. With a great onboard campaign, they not only get educated but inspired to continue.


How do you come up with a great onboarding process? Well, the following tips will help:


Making it Contextual – Rather than showing a full-through tutorial, it would be better to guide your customer as they continue This helps eliminate their need for remembering everything upfront.


Making sure people know they can trust you can make all the difference and really help get people onboard faster. Having a nice clean business reputation can help this massively.


Celebrating Their Success – Another great way is to celebrate their success. What does this mean? Well, it simply means creating an emotional connection between the product and the customers by acknowledging their progress after a certain accomplishment.


  • Email – Consumers highly welcome important and informative emails. However, timing is everything when it comes to onboarding emails. For example, sending an email to a consumer 48 hours after signing up and encourage them to complete the process.

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