She believed it when she saw her.

Yawping for saints from yesterday’s times.

Women with straight and luscious black hair,

Women with curly and thick brown waves,

Women with no hair at all.


She watched them come from foreign places.

Place made of manure and rubber.

Animals of fur and animals of steel.

Women wearing fur in their steel cars,

Women riding naked in the streets,

Women sitting still on wool blankets.


She waited in the kitchen.

Soup made of animal broth and scallions.

Bamboo plates and the wok on high.

Women rolling out dough with rough hands,

Women carving steak with manicured nails,

Women with nothing to eat at all.


Now she dreams of becoming a woman.

In homes made of glass on cliffs.

Mansions constructed in crumbling silt.

Women running around the home,

Women lying down in the home,

Women leaving the home with no place to go to at all.



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