Every holiday season, businesses seek to show their gratitude to clients in a variety of creative ways. Some companies make their own greeting cards, while others send out a thoughtful company photo with a message inside expressing their thanks for making the past year a great one.

Other companies will sometimes go a step further, sending their most valued clients custom gifts such as logo emblazoned chocolate, imprinted writing instruments, fruit baskets, and things of that nature.

Ad Specialty Products provides many of these exciting corporate holiday gifts for clients, and each year’s offerings are more plentiful than the previous year. Our favorite items, as we consider ourselves “foodies”, are the holiday food gifts. We sell gourmet treat towers with different treat stacked in 2, 3, 4, 5, and sometimes up to 8 separate stacked boxes of chocolates, candies, nuts, peanut brittle, all held together by custom printed ribbon. Sometimes a client will opt for a single, large box custom printed with their logo, and will have us put jelly beans inside, separated into their corporate colors. It’s this kind of creativity that makes us love what we do.

As mentioned above, high end writing instruments are also a big seller for end-of-the-year gift giving. We provide customized fountain pens, roller ball pens, and high quality metal ballpoint pens engraved or otherwise imprinted with company logos specifically for gift giving. We carry all of the top brands and models of corporate gift pens, including Cross, the maker of the popular Calais, ATX, Century, Cross X, Edge, Peerless, Townsend, Tech2, and Tech3 models. We also carry high end pens from Parker, Sanford, and Waterman, a Parisian gift pen manufacturer popular for their Exception, Carene, Perspective, and Hemisphere lines engraved with company names and logos.

Clients know that you went the extra effort when you send them a customized gift, and we make it easy for corporate buyers to attain all of the information and items in the same place to put together the ultimate logo gift. Just a few weeks ago, we quoted customized cutting boards with the periodic table and a company logo, because they were for a client that deals heavily in rare metals. That same company just weeks before ordered customized chef knives with their logo not only on the blade, but also hot stamped in foil onto a custom magnetic closure presentation box.

You don’t have to go as wild as the example above to impress your clients, even the smallest of gifts can mean the world to someone. We sell custom holiday ornaments made from every material imaginable that are easily mailed and cost next to nothing to produce. Another great low cost idea is hot chocolate or coffee in custom packaging, because everyone is going to use that at some point, even if just to give to a guest who requests a hot drink during the holiday season. Want to go one step further? Send their hot chocolate or coffee packet packaged nicely in a custom printed mug!

Regardless of the route you choose, everyone enjoys receiving a thoughtful holiday gift, and Ad Specialty Products is always ready to discuss your ideas for corporate holiday gifts for clients as we have over 25 years of experience in the corporate gift business.


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