This Online Timesheet Software Makes Keeping Tabs on Employee Timesheets Easy for HR

Boomr provides the best-in-class online timesheet software as a resource that employers, HR teams, and managers can use to efficiently allocate resources, dramatically improve production capacity, and increase performance levels. Timesheets can also provide insight into where employees’ skills may require improvements.

How Boomr Online Timesheet Software Can Help Improve Employee Productivity

Online timesheet software helps a business maintain peak efficiency, improves productivity and increases accountability through several automatic features built into the mobile time tracking software.

Employee Productivity Reports – Research indicates the people who track their time are more efficient in their tasks as they have a greater capacity to pinpoint bottlenecks such as distractions and multitasking. Multitasking may look good on paper, but studies have shown that it can reduce productivity by up to 40%.

Increasing Workforce Accountability – When employees know they are accountable for their levels of productivity they take more responsibility because they are intimately aware of their own contribution towards the completion of a task. A higher level of awareness about their role will usually help an employee shift to a more productive level.

Which Industries can Benefit from Boomr Time Tracking Software

Most industries with even a small workforce will benefit from the added efficiency online timesheet software can add to the workflow. Timesheet software increases convenience further with data that is accessible from any location and providing the ability for managers and employees to track key performance metrics whether they are at the office or on site.

Boomr is a flexible online timesheet software solution, which allows for mobile time tracking with productivity-enhancing features such as overtime tracking, project tracking, payroll and invoice reports, error-proof recordkeeping, and GPS time clock.

Naturally, such fully featured time tracking software opens up Boomr to a wide range of industries such as construction crews, home health care agencies, lawyers, freelancers, and non-profit agencies. Every organization can quickly adapt their timesheet software to their specific work needs by using only those features most applicable to them.

Why Boomr is a Must Have Timesheets Solution

Traditional paper-based timesheet management solutions are inconvenient and prone to errors. A paper-based system is also labor intensive, as data recorded on the timesheets need to be reconciled at the end of every day, week, or month.

An online timesheet software solution reconciles all collected data in real-time, a feature which can free up hours out of every week. Of course, the time saving benefits increase dramatically with the larger organizations, which employ tens or hundreds of employees.

With Boomr’s overtime tracking and automatic timesheet reminders, managers and supervisors are able to monitor every situation closely and respond immediately should any emergency situations arise. Emergency situations will now have little chance to bring a project to a standstill, or otherwise, have a negative impact on the outcome of the project.

In a 2015 survey, it was discovered that the services sector was missing out on 50 million hours of productivity, which equates to around $7.4 billion in lost revenue – a situation mobile time tracking solutions like Boomr can help rectify.

Boomr delivers a streamlined employee timesheets management solution with a full suite of employee time tracking features that make this versatile mobile app suitable for all types of businesses and organizations – both large and small. It’s easy to install on your phone and even easier to get up and running with a streamlined interface that will make everybody an expert in effective time management in ten minutes or less.


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