Career Advice for New Moms


Whether it is about losing your pregnancy weight or starting your career afresh, childbirth can be tough for new moms. If you have recently become a new mom, you know childbirth is no child’s play. And if you are looking to hop back to a job soon, the first thing you have to do is give yourself time.

Experts say that new moms are expected to encounter after-pains, soreness and ‘baby blues’ after pregnancy, which means that you would need at least 6-8 weeks to recover postpartum. No wonder you were feeling so exhausted!

This doesn’t however mean that you can rely on your couch to find you a new job when you feel ready. There are a couple of simple things you can do to prepare yourself to start a new career after childbirth. Here are 3 of these easy hacks:


Build your resume and send it out

It is important to keep yourself updated of hiring seasons in MNCs and conglomerates, so keep in touch with friends who are working. Or take help from recruitment consultants. Usually, these companies don’t charge you anything to get listed on their recruitment portals so they can interview you for any company they find you profile suitable for. Update your resume and start sending it out to multiple job vacancies, listed on portals like indeed.com, monster, linkedin, shine.com, among others. You can carve out time for this while your kid is sleeping.
If you are thinking of a change of career path, you may want to take help from a career counsellor to know what options can suit your aspirations and requirements. These can happen over video chat or may require physical presence so look for reliable daycare centers or domestic helps to look after the baby for that short while.


Go part-time

Plenty of jobs today offer flexible arrangements for people who are committed to working while trying to balance their kids and private life. The demand for part time employees in industries, like HR recruitment, accountancy, home tutoring, content writing, web designing, hospitality, etc. is big and working part-time could be a good solution that helps you work and earn while also allowing you to give attention to your baby.


Take it easy and organize

When there is so much to do, it is easy to feel disheartened. So start by taking one step at a time. First begin with organising your daily chores to see how much time you can make for your job. Then look at how well you can multitask to create some more time. For example, you can read a book or make your to-do list while going to the office. Any job is going to require at least 5-6 hrs of work so make sure you have that time. Finally, take help from others. Talk to your employer about your needs and see what is the fair or alternate solution so he can help you.


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