Corporate lunches are a great way to get colleagues or clients together in a relaxed environment, where you can run through business together without feeling like you spend your whole life in meeting rooms.

It’s also a great way of making sure that nobody involved in the project ends up skipping lunch, as when workloads are high, stopping for a bite to eat sometimes gets forgotten about. We can’t be our most productive selves if we don’t refuel our bodies, so providing lunch can really help to keep your team focused.

But not every venue is quite right for a corporate lunch, as there are a few key things you will want to look out for to set it apart from a casual lunch with friends. Read on for a few tips on choosing that perfect venue for your next working lunch.


Choosing the right location is key, as you want to go for somewhere that is accessible and easy to find, and preferably not too far from the office. If you have clients or team members coming from different sites, try to choose somewhere that is central to you all, as tensions can arise if people find the directions too confusing, or have to spend a long time travelling.


Good service is important no matter what the occasion might be, but well trained staff will have the experience to recognise when it is appropriate to check in with the table and when you might like a little more privacy.

Have a look on TripAdvisor if you’re looking at somewhere you’ve never been before to get an idea of what other people who have dined there have to say about the service.

Menu options

It is important to check the menu of anywhere you like the look of to make sure they offer a good range of dishes. For example, choosing somewhere that only serves burgers may not appeal to everybody. You should also check that they cater to different dietary requirements, so as not to exclude anybody, so look for vegan and gluten free options as a minimum!


A power lunch is a little bit different to a family meal or a prosecco fuelled brunch with the girls, so carefully consider the atmosphere of your chosen location before booking anything. Tasteful decor, a peaceful setting, and unobtrusive background music will make for a much more productive lunch than somewhere you would need to raise your voice to be heard.

Check out how the venues on your shortlist describe themselves on their own website and use a little common sense to rule out any that don’t quite fit the bill. For example, somewhere that markets itself as family-friendly is perfect for families who want to bring the kids out for a meal, but less ideal if you need somewhere peaceful to run through the latest report. However, restaurants that advertise that they accommodate for business lunches such as Bella Cosa are definitely a good bet!

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