People say, “We are living in the world of equality and freedom.”


I don’t think so.

Maybe they say it from the perspective of Man.

But in the case of women,

They are wrong.

Where girls are restricted to go and hang out at night.

And men are given full freedom of going anywhere.

Hanging out at night.

They do clubbing.

Why are they not being stopped to do all of that?

Why only women?

Because this world is not a safe place for you.

The people are so cruel out there.

They always say to women.

But why not to Man?

No Man gives birth to a man.

“Women rights are human rights!”

They say.

But never mean it.

Give women all the rights of freedom and equality.

They deserve it.



Payal Saran smiles to cheeks and is kind of a mingler. Apart from writing, art is where her heart has always laid. Writing gives her tranquility when this World fails to often. Or, a den from these worries could be more apt.


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