The Teacher in Room 220
for Jaci


Not in a hurry. If you
slowed down, walked
her pace, you could breathe
in the spaciousness
that surrounded her.


Once a Green Darner, brilliant
emerald jewel of a dragonfly,
landed on her arm, stayed an eternity,
drinking in
the grace she exuded.


Up one flight, down the hall.
In my mind’s eye, she will always be
in her classroom,
using the grapnel of cyclops and gorgons,
to lure kids into a love of reading


the steady thrum of her rock tumbler,
patient, persistent,
smooths out rough edges,
uncovers facets, makes the dull



Bio:  Julie Martin is a Saint Paul based poet and public school teacher. Her poetry has appeared in the Wadena Historical Society Poetry Month Celebration and In Want of Jasmine Online.

2 thoughts on ““The Teacher in Room 220” by Julie Martin

  1. Julie, Congratulations! This is a lovely poem and it absolutely represents the Jaci we knew and loved. Furthermore, we’re so blessed that our Avery [Wind] had that experience of having Jaci AND you as his teacher at Barton.❤

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