Resume Writing Tips You Should Know About


Want to get that job but don’t know where to start with your resume – here are some great tips to nail it.


  1. Less Is More

When it comes to writing a resume, you want to keep things short and clear. Don’t waffle on and don’t add a bunch of fluff to beef up your resume. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, then don’t invent something.


Do anything that can gain you experience. This can include volunteering for charities. You can also volunteer for employers, but only work for them for short stints.


Another thing you can do is enroll in a vocational education/training. These courses will provide you with hands-on training and you’ll gain a good amount of experience. Some education providers have relationships with employers, who can give apprenticeships to students, as well as on-the-job training.


  1. Stick With The Recipe

Don’t just “go with it” when writing your resume because the classic recipe works. The recipe involves including your name, contact details and relevant training. It also involves including your work experience, which is the most important thing in your resume and it’s what prospective employers look at right away.


Make sure you start with work experience, starting with recent to the not so recent. Include your job title, location of employers you’ve worked for and what your responsibilities were. Feel free to skip this part if you can’t think of achievements. Instead, focus on what your main responsibilities were.


  1. Keep Things Relevant

Keep things relevant, but do make sure your resume is tailored to the jobs you’re applying for. Focus on skills and experience that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Doing this will do you a world of favors.


  1. Keep It Neat

If you were an employer and looking for a new worker/workers, what do you do? You place an ad somewhere and then wait for the resumes to come in. When this happens, what do you do when you pick a resume up and look at it?


The first thing you notice is the presentation, as well as the resume’s overall design. With that said, you want to choose a style of resume that is neat in appearance and one that is not cluttered. However, do make sure you express yourself, but do avoid busy borders for the page and don’t use fancy fonts. If you want some help or advice take a look here.


When it comes to creating resumes, the bottom line is what really counts is what is inside of them. Design is crucial and important, but the most important thing of all is content. Don’t include fluff words or phrases in the resume and do make sure you tailor it to specific jobs and employers. Good luck on creating a resume and keep applying for jobs because eventually an employer will take a look at your resume, be immediately impressed by it and then call you in for an interview before they decide to hire you.


*a sponsored guest post


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