Better Habits Equals Better Sleep


You can improve the quality of your slumber by utilizing these tips:


Schedule A Meeting


Just as you schedule various meetings and appointments throughout the day, you need to set up a sleep schedule. All too often people cut into their sleep time when their schedule gets tight. By developing a regular meeting with yourself to get some shut eye, you will experience a noticeable change in your rest. In an ideal world you will be in bed before ten at night. The Pitta time studied in Ayurveda is crucial for rebuilding, and you will miss out if you stay up late. Speaking of staying up late, keep the same schedule throughout the week, even if you don’t have work the following day. A regulated internal clock is vital to good health.


Eat, Drink And Be Merry…Sometimes


Be mindful of the foods and beverages that you consume, as well as when you opt for them. Ayurveda indicates that you should have a light meal a couple of hours before going to sleep. Avoid overindulging in food or drink for two hours prior to bedtime. Even water in the hour before bed can disrupt your slumber with a middle of the night trip to the bathroom.


Check Your Indulgences


While alcohol might seem like a great way to relax before going to bed, it can disturb your sleep as it wears off. To counteract this fuzziness, people who haven’t gotten enough sleep often turn to caffeine as a way to wake up. Unfortunately, whether your poor rest was due to alcohol or not, caffeine disrupts your system as well. Nicotine is another stimulant that can negatively impact your ability to sleep peacefully at night.


Walk, Anyone?


After dinner, take a brisk walk around the neighborhood rather than sit down in front of the computer or your smart device. This will help to tire your body and boost your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Yoga is another fantastic option that can be used alone or in conjunction with walking. Restorative poses can help you to heal and prepare your body for better slumber. It is important that you don’t do any cardiovascular work in the two hours before bed or you might find it difficult to fall asleep.


Get a New Mattress


A new mattress can really enhance sleep. Mattresses last around 10 years on average, so a new one can be the perfect way to enhance sleep quality if you’ve not changed in a while.


Create A Ritual


Develop a bedtime ritual that allows you an hour or more before your sleep meeting. Eliminate all digital devices and gently treat the senses to peaceful sensations. You can use a combination of tools that meet your desires. For instance, relaxing herbal tea concoctions, a nice shower or bath, or reading an inspirational book. You can do these together or give yourself a massage. Play peaceful music or audiobooks from your favorite inspirational speaker.


Relax In A Comfortable Environment


In a clutter-free and comfortable room, lie down and release the tension from each part of your body, meditating until you fall asleep.



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