7 Of The Most Essential POS Marketing Tips


Want to market at the point of sale – then read on.


1 – Assessing The Environment


Naturally, different environments will lead to the necessity of different POS system types. Different POS display types will also be necessary. For every presale, the exact type of POS system must be determined. Will options such as handheld tablets work best, or is something more along the lines of a traditional cash register best? Perhaps a hybrid of the two will do the trick. There are a number of options that must be weighed. The best solution will always present itself after a thorough needs assessment.


2 – Always Promote The Ease Of Use


No matter which POS display you ultimately recommend, it should be able to fit right into the environment without much push-back. If you recommend a touchscreen system, it must be highly intuitive with only a cursory need for training. Easily upgraded systems are also a must since menu items and other store options must be flexible. (That said, you must also be prepared to cater to clients that are only interested in productivity rather than customization!)


3 – Promote The Durability


Make sure to also illustrate the quality and durability of the system. If nothing more, this will help sell the idea of a strong return on investment. With the running example of a restaurant environment, POS displays must be resilient in order to stand up to the likes of food spills and other mishaps. Make sure you stress how much further the client’s investment will go if they select the most durable POS display available.


4 – Point Out The Versatility


Clients may be intrigued by the idea of a POS display that can adapt to new situations. Retailers especially will have plenty of use for a system that can be used throughout different forms such as cash registers, handheld devices, and self-serve kiosks for customers. Restaurants may also benefit from a system that can work for both a countertop interface behind the bar and the handheld devices of the wait staff. If the system can maintain versatility and consistency all at once, it’s going to be a major selling point.


5 – Don’t Forget The Ease Of Upgrading


As hinted at above, the needs of some businesses will eventually change. With that in mind, always point out the ability to upgrade and focus on how simple it can be. You should offer systems that can be updated in every regard, from the interface to the features. There is plenty to show that there are POS improvements as this post from Harnham illustrates – so we should also aim to push other related stuff too.


6 – Showcase The Marketing Potential


You should also make sure to note numerous ways that your clients will be able to increase their marketing strategies through the use of their POS displays. One of the most successful modern marketing methods is the option for customers have their receipts sent via e-mail. The e-mail address can then be used to send offers and promotions to help them return to the store. The long standing strategy of reward bonuses given to preferred customers or store members has also continued to flourish. Now, POS systems can even alert employees to make sure these customers are given the best treatment possible to strengthen their loyalty.


7 – Provide The Best Service Possible


Finally, make sure to offer the best service you can to your clients. Remain personable, friendly, and helpful. Offer to help install the system they’re interested in, train the staff to use it, and make yourself available for maintenance or updates as well.


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