Celebrity super-intuitive Sylvie Steinbach motivates her everyday clients and A list celebs to reach for the stars! 




Born with the sight, Sylvie’s life coaching reveals what lies beneath situations and relationships to enhance each client’s decisions and create a conscious life strategy for a more fulfilling future, founded on wiser choices and personal transformation.
Whenever her clients struggle in love or family matters, Sylvie helps them understand what other people in their life feel and what they intend to do. When facing career dilemmas or personal crossroads, her guidance shows what events may influence their path and what they can manifest by creating the right thinking process.

Sylvie Steinbach graduated college in the fields of marketing and business in 1986 from her native France; upon her arrival in the United States, she pursued several certifications in hypnotherapy (she is fully accredited in all modalities), and in 2001 she went on to license in securities (series 6/63/26), Real Estate and Insurance in the State of California.

Her knowledge in investments (annuities, health/life insurance, mutual funds), real estate, international economy, foreign cultures and mind psychology contributes to the clarity of her coaching sessions.

Sylvie’s busy schedule consists in seminarsprivate readingswebinars and other special appearances. This website allows you to book a private session through our scheduler (first time clients should read our etiquette and terms of service), and manage your booking from any mobile device, making the process convenient and friendly.
Sylvie Steinbach has been instrumental in many of her clients’ business success and is known as one of “Hollywood best secret assets” for over 25 years!



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