Your business card should be a snapshot into your brand. I recently came across OUBLY, a successful and mature printing company that does it all! What makes OUBLY different from other business card and stationery brands I’ve seen is  that their core values include authenticity, empathy, generosity, transparency, and reciprocal respect.

The OUBLY platform benefits designers, artists, expert print studios, environmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and of course, you: their customer. If you want a unique set full of curated paper goodies, look no further than their premium custom envelopes. You get free digital proofs with your order.

Not to mention that I’m absolutely in love with their paper stock! When it comes to writing, this blog aside, I’m a pen and paper girl. Total sucker for OUBLY’s premium wove, natural white textured paper, their Pearlescent Crystal Metallic for the folks who like shiny stuff, and their Super Deluxe, Tinted Edge papers–perfect for business cards to really set you apart.

For more information on OUBLY, visit their website at : https://www.oubly.com/


* A sponsored post


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