How to Change The World by Being You

The world is a massive place; the universe is even bigger. We are only tiny speckles of dust compared to it. It’s easy to start thinking what’s the point of it all. What’s the point in going after your dream.

What’s the point in trying to lower taxes or enforcing any new laws. When in the grand scale of it all it doesn’t really make a difference.

One person can’t change the world.

That’s a lie.

Every action you take effects something else. You make ripples in the world. You affect the world. The world is an expression of you.

What do I mean by that?

Everyday you step into the bus on your way to school; you effect the world.

Everyday you sit in your history class; you effect the world.

Everyday you go and help an old woman across the street; you effect the world.

“Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity”. ~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

In everything you do either miniature or big; it effects the world.

When you go to school on the bus, you might say hello to the bus driver and compliment him; making his day a little better which helps him deal with his eating disorder.

When you’re in your history class, you might make a girl who sits besides you everyday happy, while she’s trying to gather courage to make you notice her.

When you help an old woman across the street, you might’ve saved her life and given her more time to spend with her loved ones.

You see in everything you do. You effect something else. Negative or positive.

You’ll probably wonder how do I know those scenarios would happen?

That if you didn’t show up one day who’s to tell if the old lady wouldn’t be just fine and dandy.

How do you know, you ask me?

Well let me ask you this. How do you know it won’t happen?

We are the cause. By being the cause it unavoidably results in an effect. Most of the time we can predict the effect to a certain extent. However in reality we can only hope that what we do are in the best interest of ourselves and the people around us.

So, how can you change the world? Accept yourself as who you are.

We fail to make a difference when we think and act small, we put ourselves in restrictive boxes.

We are only enforcing the small mindedness of people by doing so. By doubting ones potential influence on the world you are only shooting yourself in the foot before the game even begins.

The best way you can start change the world is not to do something spectacular . It’s not about uncovering world changing discoveries .

The people who have made a mark on this world have surely done something in that caliber.  But they didn’t plan to at first. They just went about their day as usual. Staying true to who they were and connected into being themselves.

Take Rosa Parks for example. She didn’t just sit on the bus because she wanted to change the world — Not at first. She however stayed true to being herself and standing for what she believed in. She believed that people regardless of skin colour should be viewed equal and so treated as equal. So she acted according to those belief. I don’t think she could’ve imagined the effects it would eventually have on the world, while she sat there on that December day in 1955. But regardless we can all agree that Rosa Park changed the world.

The Answer lies inside you

Strive for always being true to who you are. Not the idea of who you think you should be or any ego-filled perspective of it. Tap into that fuel inside you. The energy that drives you to live. Now find a way to express that in the most deepest way possible. Either by practicing a passion or partaking on a journey you’ve always been thinking about. Don’t worry about not being able to express yourself consistently. That will come in time the more you tap into it.

As you tap more and more into yourself. You’ll discover a path. A brightly litted path that guides you to a center of light. By tapping into your true self daily. You take a step closer to the epicenter of your own being. Once you are able grasp it fully, there is no way you can not express it. You can not hold it back. You are it. You are the expression.

You will then notice something peculiar. There is no censorship. There is no doubt. There is no hesitation. There is no ego. There’s complete self trust in the expression.

You can then let go. Unburden yourself from conventional standards, diving into your own brilliance.

This is a guest post contributed by Alex Wise, a featured writer for Loveawake.com. Alex is a well-accomplished bilingual writer for magazines, websites and newspapers about relationships, online dating and marriage.  Alex teaches online marketing on his down time.




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