I am honored to introduce the ALPHA FEMALE SOCIETY Affiliate Program, humbled by and in admiration of the many stories we share. I seek to partner with brands and businesses that pride themselves on their own mission statements, many of which I have admired because of the passion behind their products and services.



A for “Affluence”

  • Support and affiliate with brands that promote affluence, meaning richness of mind, body, and soul. Brands that seek to financially support others for a more prosperous and wealthy lifestyle, not just for their own bottom line.


F for “Female Friendly”

  • Work with brands that are female led and female driven. No exploitation and commodification of women. Brands that instead empower women from all walks of life, including minority owned businesses.


S for “Socially Conscious”

  • Partner with brands who seek to make the world a better place. Brands that are ecofriendly, give back, and strive to be socially ethical.


If you would like to join the affiliate program, would like to recommend someone to join, or simply want to drop a note, you can reach me at KELLY@KELLYANNGONZALES.COM






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