The Skin of human is the largest organ of the body. It covers the delicate structures of the bother and offers an extra layer of protection.  It is more or less of a complex structure and performs numerous life-sustaining activities.

It is possible for human to live without the Spleen, an Appendix or the Gall Bladder and even, human can survive with a single Kidney or Lung. Yet, we cannot survive without the skin. This is more of the reason why we need to adequately take care of our skin

The usage of natural care products is the first step towards providing our skin the required nutrients and abilities for maintaining its status and enhances its functions.



What are the functions of the skin?

The skin offers numerous functions, part of which humans are not aware until things go wrong. Some of the cogent functions include:

The skin provides us with the ability to detect climatic changes in our environment, protect us against microorganisms such as bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms in our environment, allow us to feel touch of pains and pleasure, excrete toxic materials from the body in form of sweat and perspirations, reserve blood and also gives us an avenue to trap vitamin D while as well shielding the body against the ultraviolet radiations from the sun.

Looking at the basic functions of the skin, isn’t it worthwhile to give the skin the deserved nourishment to function better?



Why should you choose natural skin care products?

As frequently announced on news and several media, most of the commercially sold skin care products are synthetic and made from potentially harmful substances, The out of this is that the outer dermis of the skin will be bleached away thereby subjecting the skin to lots of hazards and damages.

Lots of the commonly sold skin care products contain some artificial or synthetic ingredients which are not easily eliminated by the body. The end result is that these chemicals begin to store in the tissues. Research has indicated that the accumulation of too much of these substances can result in a serious effect on the body.

Why do you need to select the GÖTZ Bad Ischl skin care product?


The ingredients used in the preparation of the GÖTZ Bad Ischl skin care products are purely natural and self-farmed. The harvesting of these fully organic products is purely manual to enhance its maximum usability. Each product is carefully stocked with relevant ingredients to suit requirements of each individual. It is 100% natural and free of synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates and genetically modified ingredients. You can get more information on the natural composition of the skin care product here


Dr. Josef Götz and the royal Austria Doctor, Franz von Wirer thoroughly subjected each ingredient to a research to ascertain the nest fit for each product. The types of extraction method used by these professional Doctors are aimed at achieving the best quality of active ingredients and ensure that the merging of other ingredients can be achieved in perfection, to achieve the best skincare quality results. Read more about the ingredients and composition here


The GÖTZ Bad Ischl skin care products are available in varieties, depending on your skin type. Skin types include normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily/blemished skin, sensitive skin, and sensitive combination skin.

Conclusively, the GÖTZ Bad Ischl natural skin care products are perfect for your skin. You should endeavor to get one for yourself today.


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