“ WEEK 114 / 133 – 133 WEEKS TO SUCCESS “

Have you ever Googled someone only to be shocked that they’re essentially nonexistent on the Internet? Our presence on the Internet is entwined with our live reputation. We can look at this in one of three ways: we can see this as a horrible, dystopian warning that we’re headed into a Black Mirror reality with social media scores galore (terrifying), we can sit in the middle of the aisle and simply choose not to participate (who cares?), or we can embrace modern times and be balanced.





It’s easy for us to see social media in an increasingly negative light. We see fights breaking out on Facebook, people writing rude comments about strangers they don’t even know, and a filtered reality of only what we choose to share. Others may simply choose not to participate at all. They may not have any interest or see the benefits of using social media. They don’t have the time or desire to do so at all.





Use your online personal pulpit in the same way that you would represent yourself in public. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s okay to act a certain way online, ask yourself what your grandmother would say if she were hovering over your shoulders. That being said, both of my grandmothers were tenacious and fiercely independent women with strong opinions. They were both nurses who believed in taking care of their patients as they did their own families.




I believe that social media should boil down to sharing opinions (even if we disagree with them, but we should strive to talk about these opinions in a civilized matter), sharing information and knowledge with each other, and ultimately sharing snippets of yourself. You don’t have to constantly and actively participate, but you should have a seat. You can be authentic without giving it all away.









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Each week, I take a tip from Lois P. Frankel’s book, Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office, and explore how each of these tips affect myself and other women in similar positions on the road to becoming the women we want to be. There are far and few between who are a few steps behind me, and many more who are far advanced. I found that Lois P. Frankel’s advice applied to novice, intermediates, and experts alike. It helped me see that I was already doing right, served as a reminder to keep on doing what I was doing and how to keep that momentum going. The book also showed me areas where I could improve, and gave realistic tips to jump on board. There are a total of 133 tips, and explore one tip per week in a program I call: 133 Weeks to Success.

Join the movement using the hashtag #133WeeksToSuccess with posts which are posted every #AlphaFemaleFriday.


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