5 Social Media Tips for Startups


Social media plays a significant role in bringing attention to a social startup. The key components of getting the word out about your cause are establishing an online presence and nurturing the connections you build with supporters. These will help the boost funding levels and increase support for your campaign.


  1. Tell Your Story


Each organization has a unique story to tell. These stories can bring in onlookers, attracting them to your cause, helping them to connect with your company. You can’t do this with stats and facts. Your story can explain why your cause is important. You can share the impact you’ve made and what you’re looking forward to doing. If you can tell your story well, you stand a good chance of getting your audience to share your story with others.


  1. More Conversation and Less Broadcast


You should not use social media to broadcast campaigns for your social startup. This is a common mistake. It’s important to let your followers know about your next big hashtag, however, you need to keep in mind that daily content publishing will help you go further in the long run. Give your followers a reason to check what you’re up to on a regular basis. If your followers learn to love your online personality and mission, they’re likely to get involved in your future campaigns.


By posting on a regular, ongoing basis, you can build a genuine and trustworthy identity. This approach will boost follower engagement long-term, but it can help build a strong relationship between you and your supporters.


  1. Show Appreciation


Social media should be approached as a two-way conversation. The key to building trust it to consistently and actively engage with your followers. Social media is great for mutual appreciation. If a person leaves a comment on a post or photo, you should comment back within 24 hours, which is a timely manner. If your company is tagged in a photo, using hashtags, make sure to comment or like, so that they know you appreciate their gesture.


A simple “thank you” to your followers can build trust and create a lasting impression. The more props you give, the more you’ll receive in return.


  1. Understand Your Supporters


Your supporters are investing in you. They know and understand the impact your making and want to be a part of your company’s growth. Pat attention the posts favored by your supporters. Also, take note of the posts they don’t like. You can use this information to ensure your posts appeal to them. This will help you create campaigns based on what your supporters already love about you. A lot of supporters like to see success to show an interest and on social media this means more likes. One way to get more likes is to use a service such as Vibbi.com to purchase them.


  1. Collaborate


Collaboration is key to gain visibility and grow your supporter base. Who are your long-time supporters? Who do they follow? What are the trends among other favorable social enterprises? If so, you should reach out to these organizations. Collaborate with them. You can use interviews, awareness projects, or events. Cross promotions go a long way. Not only will this collective effort create a greater impact, you’ll also be giving your supporters the best of both worlds. This will make it easier for them to share your collaboration with their friends and remain loyal to your cause and efforts.


With help from social media, you can connect directly with people who support your startup. You can use these tips to build and nourish these relationships and get more out of your efforts.

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