The mark of any great entrepreneur is one who sees a problem that everyone complains about but no one knows or has the drive to solve. This is what happened to Michael Owoeye one day when he had his A-HAH moment. One his way to the uncovered parking spot of his condo complex on a scalding Arizona day, he opened his car, started up the AC. He left the door open but sat inside as he waited for his car to cool down. He thought to himself, “What if you could have your own personal covered parking?”

Thus, NEHTRIN was born: a unit that you can be temporarily placed on your car and remotely activated to protract and retract the sun-screen shades automatically with a push of a button. Owoeye is currently working with Enhanced Product Development based on their unique abilities, experience in this field and the list of manufacturers they are contracted with to help get licensing or royalty agreement for the product. NEHTRIN is a huge time saver for anyone who doesn’t want to sit and wait in their car in the summer for the temperature to cool down.

On top of that, it’s light, durable, and easy to take off. The NEHTRIN has anti-theft technology with a in-built chip that automatically activates your vehicle alarm when tampered with. It offers year-round, seasonable protection for your car. Whether you’re sunbathing in Miami or trekking through the Vermont mountains, NEHTRIN is the solution you’ve been hoping and waiting for in your car this whole time.

*A sponsored post by NEHTRIN ; visit their GOFUNDME page!


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