Career Advice for College Women

The one thing I fear as an adult is to wake up every morning knowing that I will hate what I do. I fear the thought of knowing deep down in my heart after working a 40 hour week and receiving X amount of dollars, that the money is the ONLY reason I am there. Having a career that is passion driven in opposed to choosing a career based on superficial influences is very important. If you’re at the crossroads of choosing a career, consider these benefits of choosing one that is passion driven.

    If you love doing something, then studying about it would not be seen as homework! As a pre health professions student, I am surrounded by the sciences. Whether it is microbiology or organic chemistry, not only is it fascinating, but also I love learning about it and how it affects the body! Just like any other profession, it takes a passion and interest to stomach the loads of information you will have to learn.
    Your career should not be a chore, although many who do not enjoy what they do refer to it as such. When you choose a passion driven career, it won’t take much for you to put in the extra time to improve or to meet a certain goal. As a spoken word poet, my passion for writing molds my dedication to that of an obligation. My passion for this art drives me to put in the necessary work to express myself. Your passion is never seen as work!
    3. YOU GET PAID!
    Going through high school, My parents have always stressed the importance of having a well paying job, but more often than not, choosing a career solely on the income is not motivation enough to go through four (or more) years of college and learning information on topics you aren’t that interested in. Having a passion driven career views money as an additional incentive as opposed to your sole purpose of your choice of occupation.
    Happiness, although as insignificant as it seems on a resume, is a big, if not the BIGGEST, benefit of having a passion driven career. Being able to think about your job and look forward to it has to be one of the biggest rewards.

These benefits of a passion driven career are endless! Knowing that Studying what you love is easier, that no one has to force you, that you get paid for doing what you love, and that you’ll be happy doing it is more than enough to pursue a career that I have interest in!

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