5 Good Reasons For Women To Learn How To Code


Learning to code opens doors, provides opportunities and is something that ensures your job is future proof. Here are five reasons every woman should learn to code.


  1. Lots of jobs, wherever you are


The demand for IT specialists exceeds by far the supply. As the digital environment grows at an extremely rapid pace, new jobs get created all the time. There are more job openings than skilled candidates, so you can have the chance to find a job much easier than in other industries. Besides, most women spend a lot of time on their smartphone or on their computer anyway, so why not make some money out of it?


You have great employment opportunities, even if you are a beginner in coding. All you need is to have the basic knowledge on which to build later on, in your job. Most employers send their new employees to training sessions and courses, so you are going to know everything you have to do in your new job. The beauty of this industry is that you don’t require special qualifications in order to land an amazing job offer, if you can prove your coding skills, the job can be yours, no questions asked about your certifications or diplomas. In addition, the internet is full of free resources, so you can learn the programming language of your choice without having to invest a lot of money in formal education. Besides, you can study at your own pace, as you won’t have to go to school and follow a strict schedule.


  1. Tech employees have better salaries than the national average


Working in tech is a careers that can secure you a good living standard. Businesses need tech talent, so they are willing to pay more than their competitors in order to bring the best people on board. Besides, most of them offer added benefits to their employees, hoping to determine them to stick with the company for a longer period of time. This is how a Software Developer can earn over £70,000 and a Development Manager about £100,000. Moreover, the gender gap in the tech industry is one of the smallest. There’s only a 4% pay difference between men and women, while the UK average is 16%.


The other good thing about this industry is that you can start your career as freelancer. Many people start like this, and once they acquire enough experience, they start looking for better paid tech jobs that can secure them a very nice income. Besides, some of these people prefer to work freelance or as a contractor, as this gives them the chance to work as many hours per day as they can. More work time translates into higher earnings, so they can make more money than a full time employee. Here are some more facts and figures.


  1. Freelancing can provide you flexible work hours


Flexibility is something most tech workers enjoy, as opposed to workers in other industries or areas of activity. Coding jobs allow you to work when you want, provided that you are able to deliver the jobs on time. Besides, working from a computer gives you the freedom to be wherever you want. you can work from home or from the beach, provided that you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Working on a flexible schedule allows you to make time for your family. You can spend more quality time with your children and with you husband, as you can choose your work hours when they are away from home. This article from Amiqus is worth a read if you’re thinking about learning.


  1. I’m too good to have a boss


If you’ve always found it hard to work for someone else, a coding job can offer you the freedom you’ve been dreaming about. You can be your own boss, so you won’t have to follow orders. As technology evolves, new job opportunities are created each and every day, so you won’t have a shortage of projects, should you decide to become an entrepreneur.


  1. Coding can help you take your computer better


Even if you don’t care about getting a tech job, you should still consider learning how to code. This can help you in many other areas of your life. Simply understanding and being able to modify code can open a lot of career opportunities.


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