How Women And Minorities Can Break The Glass Ceiling


Do you feel your job is a dead end? Are you overqualified for the job and there is no future advancement in sight? If so, you have reached the glass ceiling of your company. Many people think that this is an imaginary concept; however, it’s very real in the corporate world. Although women have overcome many battles and some have secured high-level jobs, there is still a point where further advancement is highly unlikely called the glass ceiling.


A recent study by Catalyst found that 4.6 percent of women in the workforce hold CEO positions in S&P 500 companies. Furthermore, a mere 14.2 percent of leadership positions in companies are held by women. These numbers, according to CNN Money, show that stereotypes probably still persist in the marketplace.


Although the number of women holding high-level leadership roles in a company is small, it does show that it is possible for further advancement. How were these women able to shatter the glass ceiling? Continue reading to find out tips to further advance your career.


Make a Plan


In order to obtain success, you must strategically plan when you first begin a job. Instead of waiting for opportunities to arise in the marketplace, you need to begin chasing after those opportunities. Look for training opportunities, volunteer for high-profile assignments and serve on committees in your workplace. All of these will help the upper brass notice your efforts and will give you achievements to talk about should an opening become available.


Gain the Skills Top Managment is Looking For


Once you have determined a high-level position in the company that you would like to attain, you must ensure you have the experience, skills and qualifications that are required for the job. Talk with your employer and let them know you are interested in further advancement in the company. Ask which skills and qualifications you need to learn to be better prepared for advancement. This infographic from eCardshack is quite interesting in terms of the percentages of women in top management and positions.


Look at Those Who Advanced in Their Careers


Instead of looking at caucasian males who have advanced, look at minorities, such as women, who have managed to bust the glass ceiling and make it to the top of the corporate ladder. Look at their past achievements, qualifications and personality traits to help you determine what employers look for and find ways to achieve the same results.


Find a Mentor


Many women shy away from promoting themselves to help further advance their careers because they fear they may be seen as boastful or aggressive. Being vigorous and reaching for the top is not boastful. You need a mentor from a senior associate to give you feedback on your accomplishments, goals, etc. Try to find a female executive who is willing to take you under her wing and offer job feedback to help you further advance your career. Your mentor may offer ideas on how to develop and grow professionally that you have not thought of.


Know Your Employee Rights


No employee can be held back because of gender, race, ethnic group or religion. By knowing your rights, you can ensure that your company is not discriminating against you based on these things. If you feel that you are being discriminated against, seek out ways to have these company policies or rules changed. Know local labor and employment laws surrounding discrimination. If you have any concerns, speak with your employer. By knowing the law and understanding it, you can stand up for your rights.


As you can see, there are many things you can do to help you break through the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Understand the qualifications needed for advancement, seek out a mentor and follow in the footsteps of those who have advanced previously.

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