Maven – A digital Health & Wellness clinic

You know we are always promising to start taking better care of ourselves? Well,
here’s how we can. Meet Maven!
Maven is a digital health clinic that lets you video chat with Doctors, Nurse
Practitioners, Nutritionists, Mental Health Specialists, Pregnancy Experts,
Gynaecologists, any time of the day, wherever you are; from the convenience of
your Phone or Laptop. You’ll be connecting with highly vetted, experienced
professionals – and it’s as easy as FaceTime.
In addition to chatting with practitioners, Maven offers a free and anonymous
forum where users can post health questions, and other women in the community
can respond.

So, if you wake up in the middle of the night with a burning health question, instead
of going to Google or Web MD, connect to Maven & chat with any of our highly
vetted Practitioners. Appointments start at $18 for a general practitioner and $25 for
a nutritionist or physical therapist.

Try Maven for FREE today & receive a $20 Amazon gift card
To try Maven today you just need to sign up at
https://www.mavenclinic.com/welcome or download the Maven app (iOS) at
https://www.mavenclinic.com/download-the-app?ref=5897bfd0 and enter my
personal gift code: ODFM (this gives you $25 in Maven credit – which is enough for a
free appointment). After completing your appointment, Maven will email you a $20
Amazon gift card as a welcome gift for completing your first appointment & trying
our service.
At Maven, we believe in patient-centered care. You have ten places to be and the
waiting room isn t one of them. Maven’s practioners are here for you, whenever
and wherever you need them. Try Maven for free today. Enjoy and spread the word
to everyone you know.
For more information about the Maven Clinic experience, visit our website at


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