Improve HR Communications With 5 Simple Tricks


To improve your communication with the workforce, use these 5 simple tips:


Tip No 1 – Super-Relevant and True To It’s Word, That’s The Aim Of HR Communication


In general, many employees don’t have the same level of trust in company communication. This is especially true when it comes to HR communications, often they are looked at as being complicated or a front for another hidden plan. In addition, employees feel that they receive information that is not relevant to them personally.


Tip No 2 – Communication Should Be Clear, Direct And With A Clear Focus Towards Necessary Action Or Information


In their attempt to give employees complete disclosure, HR can sometimes fall into the trap of over-complicating the message. When we do this, we create a very cloudy message. Giving each and every detail is not necessary.


Tip No 3 – Use The Subject Line Effectively, Using Tags Such As, ‘Action Required’


Many emails sent from HR fail to inform employees of what is actually expected from them or how the information relates to them directly. Alternatively, implement a new solution that works for everyone such as Neocase Software.


This is an excellent example to show how to communicate when action is required:


The Matter At Hand: All employees need to enroll to receive benefits

Action Required: Log into abc website. Complete your enrollment by abc date.

Result Of Not Acting: Your benefits will fail to be renewed.


Tip No 4 – Emails Are Not Your Only Face


Emails and memos, sent out to many recipients, cannot be your sole form of communication. When it comes to important communication that applies to the whole company face-to-face interaction must also be used. Meetings at the local town hall and department meetings are examples of such interaction, both of which allow for key points to be emphasized and questions to be answered.


By making good use of this method of interaction, employees feel cared for and valuable to the company. Companies that are small in size can use such face-to-face interaction by in-person meetings, then use emails to show the next steps.


Other methods that HR can use to promote effective communication:

  • Create and implement training and guidelines for correct email use (this should include matters such as respond deadlines, volume and cc’s).
  • Create a template for communication which is company-wide.
  • Have a ‘gatekeeper’, who is responsible for communication on the wider-scale.
  • Promote and improve use of virtual technology. Such technology includes Skype, MS Lync, WebEx and Live Meeting.


Tip No 5 – Schedule ‘All Hands’ Meetings


When it comes to communicating the strategy of the company, ‘all hands’ meetings, held every quarter, can prove very useful. Normally a senior leader runs the meeting and a HR leader facilitates it. Such a meeting provides an opportunity to discuss the progress made and how this relates to the goals of the company. Such meetings also provide an excellent base for looking at any growing concerns that employees may be expressing.


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