Today, innumerous industries based on unique concepts are flourishing, thanks to the technology boom. Many industries are still in the stage of adolescence and require massive inputs, especially in terms of human capital. Being a hardworking, career oriented woman, you might be looking to utilize the potential provided by such industries, and wish to contribute to their as well as your advancement. Here are some options:



Virtual Reality

The industry has been in the spotlight for a couple of decades. However, only in the last few years has the industry experienced a huge turnaround. Heavily funded startups like Oculus and Magic Leap are expected to sell their first virtual reality headsets in late 2016. If you’re a software engineer, an investor, a graphic designer, or even an entrepreneur, you can find avenues to benefit out of this $4 Billion industry.


Medical Tourism

It is not unknown that health care services in many developed countries like the US are exorbitant. Millions of individuals are resorting to travelling abroad to get high quality treatment at astonishingly affordable rates. An excessive demand for facilitators, doctors, JCI accredited hospitals, translators, and nurses has been created by this industry.

Facilitators such as www.medhalt.com provide you a range o high quality hospitals in a number of countries.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another industry, which is neither new, nor unknown to mankind. However, a new wave of artificial intelligent products is yet to hit the market. Companies in these industries are building virtual assistants and self-driving cars, and have vast potential for success. The industry is calling out to all coders, engineers, creative designers, as well as management experts from all corners of the world.

A popular startup in this industry is www.x.ai/about.


Corporate Health And Wellness

Unaffordable health care is leading to the rise of healthcare management, especially in the corporate sector, where long working hours and high stress levels are common among employees. Startups in this industry are pursuing companies to establish healthcare programs. The prospects for dieticians, nutritionists, entrepreneurs, healthcare instructors, fitness writers and bloggers, have vastly opened with the introduction of this industry.

Companies such as www.jiff.com are excelling in this industry.



Sustainable Building Material

The construction industry is coming back with a bang, thanks to the newfound concept of ‘green building’. Both household and commercial sectors are using material that is sustainable and energy efficient. The industry is projected to grow at 23% in 2016. If you’re already in an industry relating to real estate, construction, investment, sustainable development, you have much to benefit from this industry.


3-D Printing

3-D printing is another industry that has grown substantially and will continue to grow in the coming years. It is facilitating the growth of automotive, consumer products, entertainment, education, aerospace, defense and medical industries. If you’re working in industries such as e-commerce, marketing, or advertising, you can contribute by creating awareness of 3-D printing.


The phrase ‘It’s never too late’ couldn’t better be used than now. This is because 2016 is providing you with ventures that can help you switch not just your profession, but the industry as well. If you’re an aspiring woman in the 21st century, there isn’t much that can stop you from seeking professional actualisation in any field or industry.








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