Creating CRM Fusion to Help Your Business Thrive

Aligning your marketing efforts with sales for a consolidated strategy.

Clean data is the best way to ensuring your data is profitable for your business.  Marketing teams tend to have one individual responsible for data management and data entry.  Don’t leave leads trapped in your “pipeline”; push them to close.

Know your sales process

Create a timeline of how a lead moves through your business framework, from entering to when it becomes an account.  This will allow your business to determine the best way to handle a contact. Your sales process should be included in your CRM system so that lead management and sales are aligned with your marketing efforts.

Check for trends

These noticeable trends are track able and can help you plan down the road.  Trends include things such as how many calls or meetings traditionally take place before a sale is closed, or how many proposals it takes to do the same.  This data can define opportunities and threats experience during the lead cycle and can gauge progress or warn you if there is something amiss.

Stay on top of your sales data

Keep your sales force logging data to acquire the knowledge to refine your process and boost profits.  This allows you to align your marketing and sales strategies to gain efficiencies and advantages.  Your sales team is the contact point with any leads so have your team relay any information gathered.  This could include customer traits, customer intentions, contact times etc.  Having these statuses updated will allow you to tailor your marketing and sales programs to individual clients.

Employ marketing to create value

If your marketing team knows where your sales team stands and what potential customers are all about, marketing strategies can be much more directed and effective.  Developing personalized messages for your clients will increase sales because you are able to deliver what they need at any given time without them asking for it.

Monitor results to gauge effectiveness

Incorporating a CRM system in your whole business means that all areas are connected and you will gain oversight ability like never before.  In this set up all areas of your business can work together to pick up slack if needed and define procedures moving forward.

For more information about how valuable CRM software is to today’s businesses, check out Canada’s leading CRM software manufacturer at: http://crmfusion.com/.  Let their experts guide you to the right software choices for your business to help make yours successful.



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