Everyone deals with personal growth and happiness in different ways. Some individuals experience road blocks that have the greatest effect on the ability to create positive change. Others recognize the road blocks and obtain appropriate tools to help them move beyond inner confusion. Throughout my career as a professional motivational speaker in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Social Services, I have been able to help individuals to effectively deal with the challenges faced and identify their personal road blocks and apply seven keys to move forward toward their personal growth and happiness.




Live Happier: It’s so important to acknowledge that we all need Love to keep stress at a minimum. Conscious loving releases endorphins in your brain and the simple act of forgiveness works as a natural anti-depressant.


Positive Attitude: Choosing forgiveness sets the heart free to embrace more loving. As much as our bodies need rest, so do our hearts. It’s important to take time to meditate to help with your life’s challenges.


Personal Goal Setting: What are you really called to do in this life time? Set goals that serve your highest purpose. Don’t just be good, you can be great!


Meditation Techniques: Sit quietly and listen to your mind. Then tell your mind to be quiet. Let your soul be the lead in the conversation. This will help give you calming and pleasurable feelings.


Realizing Your Potential: One of the few industries that thrive is “fear”… There’s a reason for that. Fear calls people to action, but so does Love. Whether a new birth, a wedding or a goal achieved … loving generates more love. I recommend aligning your goals with what is true to your heart! Uplifting events will occur naturally.


Developing Healthier Thoughts: Science has proven the conscious loving releases positive endorphins. Think about how you can love more each day.


Trust Love: Get in the conversation. Ask questions. Seek answers. Find the next level on your path to creating move love in your life.






Dr. See Love is a gifted Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Philanthropist with more than 16 years of professional motivational speaking in Education, 17 years of study in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and 23 years in Social Services.


As a Life Coach, she identifies herself as a “professional listener” who believes that every individual has the ability to effectively deal with the challenges faced provided that they have an effective support system. The clients who work directly with Dr. See Love are able to identify their personal road blocks and obtain appropriate tools to help them move beyond inner confusion.


Love is author of the audio book “The ABC’s Of Loving Each Day: A Journey to Personal Growth and Happiness.” The audio book is an expert guide to help gain a better perspective on life. To listen to this audio book, go online to www.soundcloud.com/dr-see-love/sets/the-abcs-of-loving-each-day.


For more information email connect@drseelove.com or visit www.DrSeeLove.com.



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