5 Top Ranking UK Female Entrepreneurs 

The UK is full of amazing female entrepreneurs, many of which are changing the world and showcasing their strength and insight into ever changing markets. So, here are five of the very best and most notable.


Delia Smith


Estimated Net Worth: £23M ($36M)


After being complimented by her boyfriend at the time when she was only sixteen Smith began her cookery quest. In the early seventies she was briefly on television and since then she has continued to ascend in the world of fame. In 1998 when her show “Delia’s How To Cook” first aired, her influence as one of the top chefs was made evident, as a result the sale of eggs rose by ten percent.


What Could She Purchase With Her Net Worth?


Based on average prices close to eighty six million although it would take one hen around three hundred thousand years to lay that many eggs.


Nicola Horlick


Average Net Worth: £23M ($36M)


The tabloids named her Super mum due to the fact that while handling her hedge fund managing responsibilities, during the eighties and nineties she managed to raise six children. After a high flying ride via the turbulent finance career of London, her current company which is called Bramdean Asset Management has been truly successful. It is rumored that her success is directly linked to the Ponzi scheme by Bernie Madoff. She seems to be taking an interest in a film career.  


What Could She Purchase With Her Net Worth?


Around three million Ogden film tickets, if she has a contract with Orange phone that figure could be doubled.


Katie Price


Average Net Worth: £36M ($57M)


Although she is known as Katie Price or Jordan which is her pseudonym, her full name is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield. Her road to being financially successful began as a topless model The Sun. Her various ventures in business as well as highly controversial relationships and plastic surgery’s guaranteed her a continuous spot in the public’s eye.


What Could She Purchase With Her Net Worth?


More than five million copies of her first novel, at retail price.


Deborah Meaden


Average Net Worth: £39M ($63M)


Deborah Meaden was born in Somerset and although she was quite successful in various businesses most of her money came from her family’s wealthy tourism industry. She is well known for her appearances in Dragons Den, the BBC show. Rumour has it that throughout her time on Dragons Den she invested more than £1.5M.


What Could She Purchase With Her Net Worth?


She could stay at Butlin’s holiday camp for two thousand one hundred and ninety one years.


Michelle Mone


Estimated Net Worth: £39M ($63M)


Before she began working as a model, Mone grew up in Glasgow in relatively poor conditions. For a time she ran a sales and marketing team at the brewing company of Labatt after which she decided to design a line of support bras, an idea which came to her at a dinner party when she was wearing a particularly uncomfortable bra. Mone acquired great fortune and fame thanks to MJM International Ltd.


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