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I’ve been thinking about the overwhelming amount of choices we have when choosing a business entity. When beginning your small business or startup company, there comes a time when you need to ask yourself: will it be a sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, and so forth. It is extremely important for an entrepreneur to choose the right business entity for their product, service, or life.




The right model and choice of legal entity not only helps to minimize taxes, but also reduce the business’s exposure to legal repercussions and liabilities.  Not only that, but choosing the right entity type helps to keep the business running with maximum efficiency, especially should there be any issues with the business owners (illnesses, lawsuits, etc.), as well as, reducing conflict insofar as ownership and participation.





This Saturday, I’d really like to highlight Texas LLC’s team helps smooth that process out from you. Everyone from accountants to Texas LLC attorneys stress this important part of the business process. There are many considerations to this procedure, not least of which is the risk to your own personal assets.  An LLC, for example, protects you and your family from legal issues stemming from the business and protects your personal finances from lawsuit or tax liens.  The ability to attract investors, employee benefits, and other tax advantages should all be taken into consideration when making a decision on your business type.





Certainly, an LLC is not the only way to go, but it is a common business entity chosen by most startups.  An attorney or CPA can further clarify the various benefits to each tax/legal entity. Choosing a business entity does not always mean that a business will remain that way.  A sole proprietorship may reorganize into a limited liability corp or C-corp over time.  However, a reorganization is not without its hiccups so it is wise to choose carefully based on more than your current business model but where you may see yourself in the future as a company.





This is why it is useful to consult with their Texas business attornies before you begin so that you are well aware of your options prior to wedding yourself to one!





For more information, visit their website http://texasllcpros.com/


The Copp Law Firm, PC
901 Main Street, Ste 3300
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 206-1999
(214) 572-7256 (fax)





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