#SmallBusinessSaturday – Janine Thorp’s Intuitive Healing

This weekend I’ve been thinking about how so many people have turned to traditional medication in face of physical, mental, and emotional troubles. I recently came across the wonders of Janine Thorp: an intuitive healer, consciousness coach, and co-creative teacher. As a fellow entrepreneur, Janine caught my attention because she helps spiritual entrepreneurs open up more to their own intuitive gifts so they can make a bigger difference and earn more money. I love the idea of spiritual growth, and I hope it continue to be a medium that people turn to more often in the face of both life’s best moments for gratitude and life’s more challenging moments for perspective.

Janine was recently interviewed by Radhaa Nilia in Splash Magazine. Energy Healing is certainly becoming more mainstream, and it’s for a great reason that it’s becoming more widely known and embraced! Janine offers a variety of resources including private healing and coaching. She also offers a foundation course, and the next start date is in January 2016.

Her clients have raved about her from all over the globe, from California to England to India, I feel excited and energized reading her reviews. They describe her as life changing and give concrete examples of the results of her coaching that has positively affected their own lives. One client references her money transformation higher energy field where her client was about to get around £460 due to calculating interest mistake—coincidence?

I think not. You can even reach out to Janine with a free call. Reach out to Janine to have a relaxed and empowering channeled conversation. There’s no pressure to continue unless both parties both desire to. How do you know if reaching to Janine is right for you?

Have you ever felt like you were mentally blocked? Have you ever wanted to make a bigger difference in this world and didn’t know how? Have you hit a roadblock in your personal life or career and are wondering where to turn next? How many times have you said to yourself that you just want more freedom, fun, and ease? Janine may be the perfect person for you to help answer those questions.

For more information and free resources, you can visit Janine’s website at http://janinethorp.com/






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