Success in business is largely a function of many parts and individuals coming together to produce the perfect product, service, and organization. As part of management, it is imperative that you consistently look for ways to help your company grow, succeed and beat rival competitors.

To do this, you would have to follow the same strategies that the most successful companies the world use. At the heart of all the industry terminologies and corporate speak are the following basic principles:

Forward Thinking Strategies

It’s not just enough to sit down and collect fat paychecks. All managers need to constantly think about, brainstorm and generate ideas that will move their companies forward. For instance, if you run a paper-based organization, you should think about switching to a paperless organization.

This will not only make the organization more efficient, it will also boost employee morale. Transitioning to a paperless office using paperless software such as Lucion’s FileCenter can save your firm and employees lots of money and time that is spent on looking for lost documents or losing crucial documents.

Consistent Increase in Profit

The hallmark of truly successful companies is that they are always in profit. Executives in every organization need to harp on this and make sure that it happens. While profits are important, you also need to be wary of losing your human touch.

Companies like Comcast tend to pursue profits to the extent that customers feel like they aren’t important. Remember to always put the customer first. That’s the shortest cut to guaranteed profits. Whatever services and products you release have to be top notch and highly satisfactory to your customers and clients.

Commitment to Goals and Targets

There’s no successful organization without goals and targets. As part of management, your role is to set these realistic goals and then motivate your employees and subordinates to get it done.

As you’re probably aware, the smart thing to do would be to set big goals and then smaller milestones with rewards. Many companies consistently use incentives and to keep their employees motivated. Do that more often and worker productivity is likely to go through the roof.

Assigning the Right Individuals to the Right Roles

You wouldn’t ask a surgeon without any engineering training to build vehicles, would you? The role of a good manager is to find the right tools for the job and the right individuals for the specific roles.

For instance, if you were to transition into a paperless organization, it’s your duty to use the best paperless office software like FileCenter that has OCR integration capabilities, cloud backup, auto file categorizing and so on.

This way, your digital documents will be easily accessible and easy to find. Find the right talents for specific roles. For instance, as much as companies want to switch talents and ensure that everyone has a handle on parts of the firm if a team member has better facilities for numbers than sales, let him be the numbers guy and get someone who thrives in networking take care of sales.

Consistent Communication from the Top Down and Vice Versa

Most organizations have a top-heavy communication problem. The information circulates at the top but doesn’t get to the guys at the lower rungs of the corporate ladder.

This is particularly common in medium to large size organizations. This huge divide is the reason product launches are slower, there is too much bureaucracy and slower implementation or execution of projects.

Keep an open door policy so that employees can always walk in and express their concerns or make suggestions. Communication should be both ways. Practice active listening as well as excellent communications.

Finally, make constant quality and efforts at improvement, develop functional workplace relationships, and carry our frequent performance assessments



Oscar King is a small business owner who enjoys sharing his tips and insights into running an effective and smooth office environment. If you would like to learn more about Oscar and his journey, check out his google+ profile. 


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