Greetings! This is a little scary as this is the first time that I am posting on a blog, but I am proud to be part of Alpha Female Society, and especially the first male editor.

Now, on to business. Being as this is my first post, I intend to keep it brief and let my subsequent posts speak on my behalf. I hope, over the next few moths, to be able to give a male perspective on being a feminist.

And on that point, I want to make this clear: I am a feminist. Most men who read this will probably ask me for my “man-card,” but, from what I have come to know about feminism, it is about men and women being equal, not one or the other subservient to the other.

Full-disclosure-I am in love with an Alpha Female and I am proud to be her Alpha Male.

So, this is where I stand and how I came to be here. I look forward to posting and interacting with you. I hope my perspective can give some insights and show a man’s journey in discovering feminism. It is an honor to be a part of the team.



Penny for your Thoughts?

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