A wise man once said, “only the paranoid survive.” This was said by the former Intel CEO, Andrew Grove, who believed that we must constantly be ready to adapt to change. I completely agree with Mr. Grove, and the success of Intel further proves Grove’s quote’s validity. However, as modern women, I believe that the most important thing we must do to survive in the workplace is to learn how to trust ourselves.


I believe that only the confident survive. Only the people who are confident enough in their decisions can move forward in their workplace. There is no room for being on the fence. We cannot be afraid to voice our opinions and make certain decisions out of fear that others will not like us. We cannot make others like us, but we can make them respect us when we respect ourselves.


True power, as Madonna once said, “means being told you are not loved and not being affected by it.” Of course, no one necessarily likes to be told that they are not liked. This should not deter us in the workplace of all places. Even in our personal lives, if we are rejected by a potential mate or someone we could have hoped to remain friends with, if that other person chooses not to like you, then that is their prerogative. It says less about your character than it does about their preferences of being with a certain kind of person. The best you can do is be the best person you can be, on your own terms. It is up to you to define those terms and choose who you want to be.


You can choose today who you want to be. You can change for the better, or you can remain the same. It is all up to you.  Take the time to respect yourself, your body, and your very breath in this moment. Appreciate yourself and love yourself for who you are and how you are at this very moment, because if you do not hold a positive opinion of yourself at this moment, you will continue to struggle to respect yourself as you continue to grow.





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