The pivotal moment in my life has finally come. After a few weeks of keeping silent on Alpha Female Society, I have decided that I refuse to be silent. I have taken these past few weeks to ask myself what matters the most in my life at this point in my life.


At this point in my life and within the past few weeks, I have graduated college, earned my Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and began my career in New York City. My main focus, beyond the career and life balance, is to realize that the best thing I can do in this world for myself is to refuse to be anything less than who I am.


I am finally learning how to live without pretending, love without depending, listen with defending, and speak with offending. By this, I mean to live your life by always being 110% true to yourself and your own wellbeing. You can love another person without being completely dependent on them. You can be an independent person while still loving someone else. You must listen to others by first seeking to understand them. Only after you begin to at least attempt to understand another person can you then be understood by others. You can speak your true feelings without offending another person. Words are powerful, so choose them wisely.


You cannot let others define you. You need to define yourself, test your limits, and then break them. Beat your own personal best. You must constantly grow and evolve as a person. You cannot simply sit and breathe on this earth. Enjoy every day and treat every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new.


By this, I mean that we do no one else a favor by refusing to shine. We need to show ourselves in the best light, and love ourselves by believing in the validity of our choices and opinions as human beings. We have the right to take up space. Of course it is important to pick your battles, but if you have an opinion that you believe should be stated, then be open and honest. You can be truthful without being cruel. Refuse to be silent. Let yourself shine.






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