Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and what better example of a leading Alpha Female in your life than the woman whose womb you came from? My mother and I have always had our differences, and many of them were due to the age and generation gap between us. After all, despite how modern and progressive my mom is nowadays, I know that the feminist I describe myself to be is not the feminism my mom immediately identifies with.


Today’s feminism is not your mother’s feminism. Today’s feminism is making further advances into the correct direction of where our society should focus socially speaking: intersectionality. Feminism today focuses not only on the well-being of women so that we become equal to men in both the workplace and in the domestic sphere, but also on the plethora of issues which women face. These issues include more than just sexism. Intersectionality refers to various oppressive institutions such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, and classism. These various oppressive entities all interconnect, and therefore, in order to make further positive changes in the feminist mission, we must also address these issues as one. We must practice solidarity.


The advances that women have made socially have also improved our stances economically speaking. Women’s roles from Generation X, your mother’s generation, to Generation Y, as in us Millennials, have changed. Generation X was the second wave feminism era of “smashing the patriarchy” and of upholding Gloria Steinem as a role model. Generation Y has become the era of third wave feminism where patriarchy is not the issue so much as intersectionality, ableism, and cultural appropriation where modern day feminist icons range from anyone from the writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche to celebrities such as Beyoncé. The social changes that Generation X has had to adapt to with dealing with Generation Y in the workplace, and the differences that Generation Y must understand when dealing with Generation X, come into play in modern entrepreneurship.


There is still work that needs to be done by women. Together we can be the change. Have a happy weekend this Sunday for Mother’s Day, and make it a great day every day.





@AlphaFemSociety tweets by the Founder and Editor-In-Chief : @Bobellerz


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