When I was in the eighth grade, my Spanish teacher gave me a piece of advice which would stick with me for the rest of my life. She sat us down and told us,

                “You know you’re making the right decision when your mind, heart, and gut are all in line. If your decisions are not all in line, then you’re probably making the wrong decision.”

I was thirteen back then, and almost ten years later, her advice still rings true with me. In the eighth grade, I was graduating middle school and moving on to the next four years of high school. Now, I’m an undergrad senior in college and moving on to the rest of my career life. It’s a big time in any college graduate’s life, and it is in this moment, several months after first founding Alpha Female Society, that I have finally decided to take the time to decide for myself what it means to be an Alpha Female using my mind, heart, and gut.



The Alpha Female Mind is an intellectually curious mind. The Alpha Female is open to different people’s thoughts and opinions. The Alpha Female is always ready, willing, and able to learn. An Alpha Female mind is one that has the ability to recognize her own autonomy. She defines herself and does not let another person define her. With that said, you may very well ignore my own beliefs of who I think an Alpha Females are and create your own definition. In fact, I encourage it!



The Alpha Female Heart is strong and relentless. She accepts the love that she knows she deserves. The Alpha Female believes that it takes a stronger person to be able to love one another than to hate one another. Rather than making others feel bad about themselves through ad hominem attacks or bullying techniques as a superior mask behind a severe inferiority complex, the Alpha Female strives to see the best in others. By loving herself honestly, truly, and completely, the Alpha Female has enough confidence to love others with the best of intentions.



The Alpha Female is not only intelligent, but she is also ambitious, driven, and intuitive. The Alpha Female uses her intuition in order to decide when it is better to walk away from a bad situation or simply try harder to reach her goals in spite of glaring obstacles. She knows that she ultimately has three choices for every decisions that she makes: she can give up, give in, or give it her all.


By using her mind, heart, and gut all at once, the Alpha Female is able to be the best woman she can be. Here’s looking at all the Alpha Females out there. Here’s looking at all the candid Alpha Males and supporters of Alpha Females who appreciate and understand what it means for a woman to be her very best.





@AlphaFemSociety tweets by the Founder and Editor-In-Chief : @Bobellerz



3 thoughts on “Define: Alpha Female – #AlphaFemaleFriday

    • Hi! That’s a great question…In the present, I would say any figure from Sheryl Sandberg to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, but it’s tough to narrow it down to one ultimate Alpha Female! There are so many inspirational, every day women who are not as famous who are constantly on their grind — great sources of inspiration all around 🙂


  1. Almost about to start my own business with no loans and debt free while renting out a home that I completely own for income. Retirement from “the man” at age 36. I am the alpha female. Creepy sexually harassing men, F off! I AM IN CHARGE!


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