Suey Park explains the meaning behind #CancelColbert – we understand satire, but saying “Ching Ching Ding Dong” does nothing to advance the means of Native American rights.


There are some common phrases that come out when people want to derail a legitimate debate on the Internet (particularly on Twitter): “You’re overly sensitive” or “If you weren’t so hostile, people would listen to you” or “You’re taking things too personally” or “I don’t find this offensive” or “You probably just misunderstood.”

After observing the progress of the hash tag we started yesterday, #CancelColbert — which we set up in response to a blatantly racist Tweet about Asians from the Colbert show’s account — we’ve seen some new variations: “Get Over It,” “Deport Suey,” “You’re Anti American,” and even a petition to have Suey Park’s First Amendment rights revoked. This last one is particularly ironic, as Suey and other tweeters to #CancelColbert had simply dared to challenge the First Amendment rights of a white male comedian. It seems “freedom of speech” has the assumed caveat “freedom of speech —…

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