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Stories From the Belly

“Honey, I’m not pregnant!” I told my boyfriend the other day.

“That’s good.” He replied.

But the news to both of us feels bittersweet.


It’s not like it was for me in college—a time in my life when I found myself at the campus clinic more than once because of some condom fail. No one, not even the teacher from sex education class years earlier had bothered to tell me I could only get pregnant from intercourse when ovulating. Seated in one of those plastic chairs in the waiting room, my hands clasped together, I would bargain with God: Please Jesus, if you don’t make me be pregnant, I promise to never have unprotected sex ever again. And I will stop talking back to my mom.

But even after college, “pregnant” was the last thing I wanted. It just wasn’t something to worry about until my mid-thirties, early forties tops…

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